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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

REVIEW: Hot Chip live @ Brixton Academy 07/11/08

It's safe to say that this was a night that didn't get off to a flying start. First Wiley pulls out for reasons unknown, then I have to sit through a full half hour of unremitting toss courtesy of his replacement Max Tundra. At this stage it's worth noting that reviewers, the rest of the audience and, clearly, Hot Chip themselves love(d) this bloke, so maybe its just me. Personally I'd rather eat my eyes than sit through his 'LOOK AT HOW WACKY I AM, I WEAR PYJAMAS ONSTAGE, LMFAO, ROFLCOPTER!!!!!!!!!' routine again, but seeing as I was about the only person in the place not smoking his pole by the end of his set, please do take my opinion with a sizeable pinch of salt.

Thankfully Hot Chip blew the roof off the gaff, so all dubious support slot decisions were very much forgiven. In the live arena, their songs regularly take on new identities - almost always for the better. I love bands who do that. If you want to go and listen to a CD really loudly, go and spend your hard earned dollar on tickets to see The Killers. 'Over & Over' in particular took on an extra set of balls, shaking Brixton right to its very core. Evidence here:

Other highlights included opener 'One Pure Thought', the old classic 'Boy From School' and the much underrated 'Wrestlers'. Special mention must also go to 'Ready For The Floor' - a true pop materpiece which had everyone in the place grinning like chesire cats and pulling all manner of dubious 'signature moves': (the big balloons helped too)

So, a great night for all concerned. They may look like the kids from school who were rubbish at PE and who frequently ended up stuffed into lockers, but Hot Chip are definitely having the last laugh. Make sure you catch them when they next roll into your neck of the woods.


One Pure Thought
Bendable Poseable
Shake A Fist
Boy From School
Hold On
Touch Too Much
Over & Over
Out At The Pictures
New Song
Ready For The Floor


New Song
My Piano
No Fit State
Nothing Compares To You / In The Privacy Of Our Love

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dizzee on Obama

First up, we'd like to add our congrats to everyone stateside who voted for change - I'll be honest, after last time we were a little bit nervous over on this side of the pond!

Seems like everyone's jumping on the feelgood factor bandwagon. Take Dizzee Rascal for example - the East London MC made a hilarious cameo on last night's Newsnight, when he was asked to give his two pennies worth on the big O. Is Dizzee the first man to render Paxman speechless? Most probably.

Check it out:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Justice: upside your tellybox

Excting news currently doing the rounds - Ed Banger big hitters Justice will be releasing a documentary / live CD set entitled 'A cross the universe' (see what they've done there) on November 24th.

If the following trailer is anything to go by (lesbians! norks! freestyling homeless man! guns! occasional bits of music!) you should be getting that request off to Santa quicksnap:

That's almost a sex wee scenario right there.

And just in case you need reminding quite how good they are live, check out this clip - with the guargantuan 'Genesis' seamlessly morphing into 'Phantom' - recorded live at 2007's uber festival Coachella:

Finally, enjoy this excellent remix while you wait patiently for the DVD to hit the shelves.

No-one seems to know who this Datsu fella is, but fair play - this is massive. Enjoy.