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Friday, June 19, 2009

Series 3, Episode 5 out today!

Easy all,

Episode 5 has been officially unleashed as of today and by jove it's a humdinger!

On this week's bumper show...

Exclusive Toddla T interview! 'A high-speed collision of various bass-heavy styles..this does look good on the dancefloor' (NME) 'The party record of 2009!' (The Telegraph)

Alex meets the man behind the record that's getting the critics all hot under the collar. Toddla gives us the low down new record 'Skanky Skanky', explains how he managed to get pretty much the whole world to guest on the album and tells us why he reckons Eminem needs to cheer the f**k up. Not to be missed!

The London Paper's Luke Blackall! The king of celebrity gossip is back with yet another instalment of news from the eye-poppingly bizarre celeb world. Fresh from Djing at Lindsay Lohan's most recent London bash, Luke tells us just why the whole thing descended into one big masterclass in the art of toy throwing. If that's not enough, tales of diva-style strops from Katy Perry and epic keep-it-in-your-trousers failure from Akon and Dizzee Rascal should keep you well entertained.

Music, music and, er, music! Whatever your tastes, we've got you covered this week. From UK Garage to folk, electro to indie, ambient to math-rock, pop to Americana, dancehall to good old fashioned rock n roll - it's all here people! We've got all the freshest sounds you've come to expect from A D N, as well as exclusive Wiley and Bloc Party remixes chucked in for good measure.

You won't find a more ear-pleasing selection of tunes anywhere else, so settle yourself down into your favourite chair, hit play and revel in the creamy musical goodness. That sounds a bit wrong. Until next time…keep it locked!


1. Late Of the Pier - 'Focker'
2. MPHO - 'Box N Locks'
3. Mr Hudson - 'Supernova' (feat. Kanye West)
4. The Dead Weather - 'Treat Me Like Your Mother'
5. The Horrors - 'Scarlet Fields'
6. Holy F*ck - 'The Pulse'

Album of the week - Toddla T: Skanky Skanky

7. Toddla T - 'Shake It'
8. Toddla T - 'No Kip'

9. Wiley - 'Businessman' (Crookers remix)
10. The Travelling Band - 'Lonely Day To Take A Train'
11. The Cave Singers - 'Beach House'
12. Nutrition On Tape - 'Queen Bee'
13. Minus The Bear - 'Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse'
14. La Roux - 'In For The Kill' (Skream remix)
15. Grum - 'Sound Reaction'
16. Bloc Party - 'Ion Square' (Bright Lights Don't Bore Me Yet remix)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ADN Take on Glastonbury Festival!!

That's right kids, ADN (well SuperHans if he can stay alive) will be in Glastonbury from 24th-29th May to review the best in new music and live acts on the alternative music scene. 

The plan is for SuperHans to hitch himself a ride down to Glastonbury. Stay for 6 days. Review 18 gigs. Take 18 photos. Interview anyone that will speak to him / understand him. A special ADN Project Glastonbury Festival Special will be the result in a couple of weeks time, gig reviews and snappy snaps here... all the best music on a special 18 track show. Wish us luck and see you in Camden on the Farm!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Series 3, episode 4 out today!

Easy all,

We figured you lot needed cheering up after SuBo's heroic BGT failure and subsequent descent into mentalism, so we've done the decent thing and recorded a brand new show for your listening pleasure. We'd suggest hitting that play button - it might just take the edge off. After all, SuBo would want you to be happy, right?

On the show this week...

Alex makes it safely back from the Great Escape Festival, armed with a fistful of box fresh records from some of the hottest up and coming acts from across the globe. These are the bands that will be soundtracking your near future, so be sure to check them out. If you want to read more about Alex's escapades down by the seaside, you can check out the full ADN review right here

Elsewhere on the show you can look forward to the angelic sounding Au Revoir Simone, the soon to be massive Temper Trap, the thinking man's ear crumpet that is Grizzly Bear and the epic sounds of the UK's very own Bat For Lashes.

'A perma-tanned, vacuous waste of space'. Just who might the London Paper's Luke Blackall be referring to there? The fire crotched king of celebrity news is back with a bang this week, regailing us with yet more rubbery nonsense from the ever more bizarre world of music celebrity. It'd be a crime to miss it folks.

Big, big love as always...keep it ADN people!


1. Passion Pit: Eyes As Candles
2. Bang Bang Eche: 4 To The Floor
3. Bat For Lashes: Daniel
4. The Hundred In The Hands: Dressed In Dresden
5. Japandroids: Wet Hair
6. Neon Indian: Deadbeat Summer

Album Of The Week - Dub Pistols: Rum & Coke

7. Dub Pistols: Back To Daylight
8. Dub Pistols: Keep The Fire Burning

9. Tilly & The Wall: Beat Control
10. The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition
11. Peggy Sue: First Aid / Once We Were Strangers
12. Au Revoir Simone: Shadows
13. A.D.O.R: Let It All Hang Out
14. Die Die Die!: Blue Skies
15. The Ettes: No Home
16. Ben Kweller: Sawdust Man
17. Grizzly Bear: Foreground
18. Liam Finn: Lead Balloon