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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The ADN Project Christmas Special!

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without an ADN special, so why not grab it here:

On the 2008 ADN Christmas special...

Christian and Dan are back with a Santa's sackful of excellent tunes designed to jack your festive cheer up to 11. Expect a musical stocking stuffed with goodies from the likes of Justice, Bon Iver, Florence & The Machine, The Mighty Underdogs, Toots & The Maytals and Frightened Rabbit. Elsewhere, Vampire Weekend get covered, Friendly Fires get remixed and Death Cab For Cutie get (very) festive. Combine that with more nonsense chat than you could shake a tinsel covered stick at (not to mention a visit from The Broadcasting Standards Agency) and you've got yourselves a tasty Christmas treat.

We've had a whole load of fun making shows this year - we hope you've enjoyed listening in. Massive thanks to everyone who tuned in / bigged us up / rinsed us / helped us out or just said hi during 2008, we appreciate it muchly. We're going for bigger and better things in the new year - look out for series 3 in early 2009!

Until then take care and, of course, have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Big big love,

Alex, Dan & Christian

Saturday, December 20, 2008

As promised, Wiley...

Given that Christian was practically blowing his beans over Wiley's video for 'Cash In My Pocket' (episode 8 streaming now, sure) we thought it only right that we stick it up on here. The boy Nashums wasn't lying either - this is a masterclass in how to do the low budget video properly...

Poor old bankers, eh?

Series 2, episode 8 out now!

The latest installment of The ADN Project has hit the web and is waiting for your ears right here

On this week's show...

19 chunks of aural chocolate from the likes of Takka Takka, Dodos, Idlewild, Kanye West, Sigur Ros and Beastie Boys. Dan brings us album of the week courtesy of of preppy New Yorkers Ra Ra Riot, Golden Silvers provide a not unsubstantial slice of fresher than fresh Hoxton ubertrendiness, whilst Slow Club bring us some festive cheer with their drop dead gorgeous Christmas record - not to be missed!

Elsewhere Alex commits a heinous act of Mariah Carey related sabotage, debate rages over the ADN top 10 records of the year and Dan wonders just where the Library have gone. Seriously, where the f*ck are they? Answers on a postcard people.

Go on, give your ears an early Christmas present...


1. Kano - 'Hustler'

2. Mr Hudson – 'There Will Be Tears'

3. Idlewild – 'Everyone Says That You’re So Fragile'

4. Dr Meaker – 'Bad Boy Calling'

5. Mariah Carey sabotage! / Kanye West – 'Welcome To Heartbreak'

6. Beastie Boys – 'Skills To Pay The Bills'

7. Takka Takka – 'Everybody Say'

8. Dodos - 'Fools'


9. Ra Ra Riot – 'Can You Tell'

10. Ra Ra Riot – 'Too Too Too Fast'

11. Cathey Davey - 'Reuben'

12. Wiley – 'Money In My Pocket'

13. Devendra Banhart – 'Long Haired Child'

14. AU – 'RR vs. D'

15. Kid Cudi – '50 Ways To Make A Record'

16. Golden Silvers – 'Arrow Of Eros'

17. Sigur Ros - 'Inní mér syngur vitleysingur'

18. Slow Club – 'Christmas TV'